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In the Beginning

Every good path starts out somewhere.

But come to think of it, so does every bad path.


September 2009

During the fall of 2009 I made a decision to become a reverend. Not your sermon preaching, pulpit pounding, man of god, flock leading, reverend… no. That was not for me. Never again. There were two events in life that led me to this point.

Reason #1

Reverend Scratchy

Our Surprise

My (now) ex wife and I hired an “official” Reverend. We gave him all of the details for our wedding. Said we wanted a non-religious wedding, as secular as possible. We were doing a surprise wedding, having told all of our guests that this was a reception and we had already gotten married via eloping, so we wanted the reverend to show up and surprise marry us.

Short… sweet… fun.

Chicken Scratch

Well, he shows up an hour late… which, since we were telling people that we were already married and this was just a reception meant we had to stall… for an hour. After showing up an hour late, he then launches into a literal sermon… bible and all. Hellfire and brimstone.

But it doesn’t end there… on the marriage license, he LITERALLY misspelled his name… scratched it out… and wrote it again.

I was aghast.

Reason #2

Justice of the Peace, Not the Wedding

The Monastery

Anyway, skip ahead years later and I discover that the Justice of the Peace in Tulsa would stop performing weddings so that people would need to get an officiant to perform their weddings. I decided it was time to make another option available.

Ordination 101

I got on the Monastery dot org and got setup. Ordered an $11 package that included the pre-requisite letter of acknowledgement (Tulsa County required that) and went down to the Court House and registered. I got a “book and page” number and off I went, into the wild… just marrying couples left and right.

Ok… there was more to it than that. But off I went…

Questions I ASK MYSELF

Is it a business, or a hobby?


It was something special to me. The thought of being that part of people’s lives. I mean I remembered my reverend… well, reverends… Yeah, I’ve been married a couple times… sue me. But I was excited… Weddings are all about love, commitment, joy… *squish*

I was excited… and so I ventured out.

The first few weddings were a learning experience.

How much do you charge?

Where can you perform weddings?

Do you do <insert religion> weddings?

I started figuring out what I wanted to make available of myself, what I wanted to offer, and how far I wanted to put myself.

Cost was a huge thing for me. After spending 10 years being married to someone with a serious physical health condition I was completely understanding of not having money. So I decided that I would make weddings be as cost efficient as possible with me.

How much for that wedding in the window

I told everyone that I don’t charge for my time.

Then I had the wedding where the dry cleaning bill meant choosing between eating or not. So… I adjusted. And I learned new things and adjusted. I kept learning and over time figured out a nice little package I could offer these couples needing my services.

I only ask to be reimbursed what the wedding costs me.

So if I pay for a costume rental (oh please, please let someone need me in a costume!) then I expect the couple to cover those costs. If I pay for dry cleaning then I expect the couple to cover those costs.


Party On

I now pronounce you…

Center of the Universe

Being that I work close enough to the Center of the Universe. I decided that a 100% free wedding was if you had it there during work hours on weekdays. I can walk down there during lunch, before or after work, and be back without any hassles.

I’ve done a few down there. But I still was handed cash and told thank you.


Center of the Universe

Thanks for all the words

I have yet to do a wedding where no cash was transferred. Now… you might be thinking, why all the focus on cash? Well, it’s not the amount… it’s whether there is anything offered as a thank you. And so far every couple has said thank you and offered something.

I’ve received as little as $20 and as much as $180. Each time it was obvious that the couple was grateful.

All in all… it’s been a wonderful and filling experience. Making me happy to be a part of this grand and ancient tradition.

Peace, Love and Marriage everyone…

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