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Toolset and WordPress

I’ve got plans. Plans for my church site, this site, and more. I’m putting them all together. On top of this, I quit my job with the City of Tulsa after 17 years… oh god… finally… and now I am working for a new company. So I’m going through adjustments and more. But I’m working… building… planning…


If you work with WordPress and you aren’t using Toolset then I think you’re doing it wrong

WordPress allows you to create these beautifully orchestrated posts and pages. Turning your thoughts into digital worlds and books and more. Toolset gives you the ability to customize and work on the data that matters most to you, or your client.


WordPress + Toolset
Church of the Padded Wall


So my current focus is working on my church site. I need to present gods, goddesses, supernatural creations of theirs and the sacred (or cursed) men and women that worshipped (and fought) them. I’m also tracking their godly weapons and gear, as well as other miscellaneous.


Toolset has Custom Post Types that allow me to create Gods, Gear, Mythologies and more within the WordPress environment. Building each item is difficult tho as there are multiple moving pieces.


“I have been a dedicated member of Toolset for years. But it’s finally integrated with the other tools I use (like Divi) at a level where it’s superior to any other solution I have found.”

Rev. Brian Scott O’keefe, Owner, Developer

Peace, Love and Sacred Blogging

I’m hoping to start posting more often. Stay tuned. Don’t give up.

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