The Sacred Texts


You have arrived at the innermost sanctum santorum of the most humble Reverend Blink. These are the things I have declared, surmised, categorized, written,  created, blah, blah blah… You get the idea. 

Here’s my blog.

I’m sorry, thank you, and good-bye.

She was a good friend. She cared for and loved her family and friends. She was passionate and strong. I spent around half-a-year getting to know her better. One chat app to another we would discover each others accounts and joke and laugh about it.

Blinks Book

It's not just for guns anymore So I’ve been a writer since I was a kid. Whether it was in journals, diaries, notes, sketchbooks, or whatever… I’ve tracked my thoughts at various points in my life, and laughed at them at other points. I’ve also read through old code I...

Who the hell stiffs the Preacher?!

Steampunk Wedding Couple Stiff Preacher and Perform Mental and Moral Gymnastics To Justify Their Immoral Actions The McMillian Rule If any part of the wedding is going to cost me any money, all funds will have to be paid up front. So here we go… My name is Reverend...

In the beginning

Every good path starts out somewhere. But come to think of it, so does every bad path. Intro September 2009 During the fall of 2009 I made a decision to become a reverend. Not your sermon preaching, pulpit pounding, man of god, flock leading, reverend… no. That was...