So you think you know me? We’ve hung out before. You know my sister, my brothers, maybe you’ve met one of my parents. Whatever it is, this membership is for those who want to have access to that level of my information that you would… if. you. knew. me.

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We’ve hung out before… maybe we hang out now? You probably see me at work, maybe you know some of my friends… or the last family reunion… Yeah, that’s where we met. I don’t know… but I feel like I recognize your face at least.


Frequently Asked Questions


What is this aquaintance membership thing?

It’s for anyone that wants to have access to the same level of thoughts as someone that actually knows me, hangs out with me, someone I trust to some degree. That’s what “this Aquaintance membership thing” is…


What kind of photography do you focus on?

Boudoir. Lingerie. Sexy. The kind of photoshoot where you let your inhibitions go, you relax… If you want photos that make you feel empowered sexually? Then that is the kind we are discussing.


Why do you officiate weddings?

Because I like it. That energy that comes from two people who either are intimately entwined already and just want to seal the deal, legally speaking… or two people anxious to begin exploring each other having locked down enough knowledge on each other to feel that connection that says ‘forever.’ It’s real, live magic. It moves you. If it doesn’t… you really need to rethink your life.


Are those 3D glasses I've seen a picture of your wearing?

Technically, it’s anaglyph glasses… but yeah. I wear them because it’s like an acid trip that won’t get you arrested.


Aren't you really just tracing?

Look… It’s called “Screen Redraw” and unless you’ve spent years drawing, or you have an artistic knack, I can almost guarantee you that it’s not anywhere near ‘tracing’ in level of skill and talent necessary to accomplish. Get a piece of tracing paper and a photo and you try it. Seriously… yeesh!


So if I pay for the Aquaintance membership when do we actually meet?

When hell freezes over… or Valhalla gets shut down for civil unrest… I’m not here to meet people. I’m here to share my story, share my ups and downs, share what I’ve learned and hopefully it’s usable for someone else. Hopefully it’s worth the money… I honestly think it is.

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