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Nothing is held back. If you are subscribed at this level? You will see everything my dark little heart feels like discussing. I can’t guarantee it’ll be safe for work, I can’t guarantee it won’t be heresy… I can’t guarantee it won’t subject you to some serious disturbances in the force.

Give it a try… what have you got to lose? (besides $35)

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“The Life of Brian” is more than just a movie… It’s this membership package. Nothing is held back. I share everything, the good, the bad and the ugly… Welcome to my personal hell.


Frequently Asked Questions


Why do you want to share so much?

Truth be told? I love to write. I’ve watched other bloggers produce content and get paid, and I thought it might work for me. Maybe it will? Maybe it won’t. I figure for the cost of taking me out to eat once a month, I’ll make sure to keep things interesting.

So what kind of stuff do you plan on writing about that would be worth this much cash?

Look. Here’s the situation. Some of the stuff I will create will be a waste of your time. I’m going to write about transactional analysis in psychotherapy, sex work, anarchy, photography, fictional writing, programming, and more. It’s eclectic. You might not like it.

But you might…


What is your belief system?

THAT’S what you pay for your membership to find out.

Why do you wear 3D glasses?

#1) They are prescription sunglasses. I just made sure to ask for colored lenses in the right colors.

#2) Why do you care?


What kind of tech writing will you cover?

I currently utilize ESRI’s API for Javascript to create web maps for City Government. I’m dipping my toes into ReactJS/NPM/Javascript/etc for Elegant Themes Divi Development. I plan on starting work on some WordPress plugins. Basically, a little bit of everything.

Is this membership level a nod to Monty Python?

Monty Python, They Might Be Giants, Weird Al, and any other ‘Off The Wall’ performer that has ever caught my eye, ear, or heart. I love absurdity because that seems to be what life is composed of mostly. If you don’t believe me? Sign up… what have you got to lose?

( besides money! )

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