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Frequently Asked Questions


Where has this level of awesomeness been hiding?

I’ve been busy. I haven’t had time to develop my writing. I’ve been busy working a day job, running my own business on nights and weekends, and developing my boudoir photography, portrait artwork, three different novels and book on non-monogamy… oh yeah, I officiate weddings, DJ, and I can get a bartending license on a moments notice.

TLDR : I’ve been busy as hell.


So how much do you write?

On a good week I can put out a nice handful of pages. But lately (meaning the last 2 years) I’ve been so involved in figuring out how to deal with bipolar and custody battles and non-standard relationship concepts that I haven’t written much. But I’m a fairly constant roller coaster kinda personality. So give me a few days/weeks and I’ll be someone else… maybe even someone that likes to write.


You are ordained?

I am. My ex-wife and I tried to get a non-religious minister for our wedding and ended up paying some idiot $200 to give a 2 hour sermon, after arriving almost an hour late. I decided that no one should have to go through that. So now I am ordained. Give me time and I’ll have my church website up.


What is your favorite color?

It depends on the medium. I tend to lean towards blue and red tho. It’s an anaglyphic concept tho. You wouldn’t understand.


So you can draw?

Hells yeah. I love to draw. I grew up with Farel Dalrymple and we used to draw comics together. I kinda turned in a major douche-er in my teens and early twenties, hell… It extended into my 30’s. I was the guy that would get a girlfriend and suddenly my friends would get second fiddle. I have to say tho… I just thought that you were SUPPOSED to do everything for your partner. I’ve since learned better.


How much do you charge to build websites?

Check out my company website.


So what is the Looky Lou Membership covering?

Basically, you get a taste… your appettite whetted. See I talk about everything on here. Sex, Drugs and Rock-and-Roll… No. Wait. Wrong blog… Politics, Religion, Sex and Money… There. But mainly as it pertains to my life and my experience. I also walk through how to do things on my blog that you might need to know.

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